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If your business were provided with warm leads straight from the internet could you make sales and profits? If you could and your business is a high margin, high profit operation, you should read this.

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Performance Based SEO

If you are a small business based in Malta and your website can't be found in the search engines, we have a service for you. You only pay for results once we get you ranking and it is incentivised to keep us on our toes!

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How Much Will It Cost?

We use some innovative methods to help your business rank highly in Google. We also use creative and flexible ways to structure our working arrangements with clients. You won't find anyone else like us in Malta.

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Would You Like Your Company Website To Rank Higher In The Search Engines?

As a leading provider of Malta SEO services, we have worked long-term with a number of companies to generate leads and sales in a number of sectors of the economy. From real estate, to law firms, to consumer companies, importers and on and on.

If you would like Stuart and the team to help your website to generate more business from the internet, we encourage you to get in touch and find out what might be possible.

Are Your Search Engine Rankings Built On Sand?

Over the past few years the trend in Search Engine Optimization has been to build ever larger numbers of incoming links into a website. It worked. In fact, it worked really well.

We have experience of heavy-duty linking as well, but tend to focus more on content these days. A website with poor content on the page is built on sand. If you have not been penalised by Google yet, you probably will be at some point.

Therefore, at TopSpotMalta we focus our SEO services on helping you to produce excellent content. It is more scientific than you might imagine and involves some fancy math based on Information Retrieval. While this is a very overlooked area of SEO, we believe that it is the core on which effort should be focused first. Working on improving content is viewed positively by Google and the other search engines and is considered to be "White Hat SEO".

As you will see from the videos posted to the right of the page, Stuart Langridge, explains some of the ideas and features that help to make "great content" in the eyes of a search engine. These presentations were made to webmasters at a conference in London in February 2011. His thoughts about creating and syndicating great content have evolved considerably since then. TopSpotMalta clients get to benefit from this experience and focus on creating content that is both useful and loved by visitors and search engines.

This ought to be the natural starting point for a business seeking higher search results. The potential impact of being penalised for poor content or too many - or the wrong kind - of incoming links, can be catastrophic for a business with fixed overheads and payroll to cover. Generating leads or making sales online becomes addictive and companies often over-expose themselves to one form of client acquisition with little thought to risk management1. In the modern, fast moving world of Google SEO, things can and do change over night or over a weekend. When a business relies on one lead or sale generating pillar it is very vulnerable to any small change. By starting with improved content, we try to lower the potential SEO risks for the business.

This is why the title of this page asked whether your results are built on sand. If your main tool for rankings is building ever more incoming links, there is a very real chance that one day your site will vanish from the top 10 results. Link building has it's place, for sure, but it is becoming more and more risky to do.

As many firms and individuals have already found, what may be considered to be best practice SEO activities today may be frowned upon tomorrow. And if that is the case, undoing all that work - and taking down all those links - can prove to be very difficult indeed!

On top of this, many consultants and SEO agencies persist in using the wrong tactics for the job. Many of the strategies that are used are developed by companies in the highest paying online niches - such as gaming and financial services. Their ideas filter down to everyone else as "best practice" but the reality is that most local businesses can be very successful online without using such ideas. In fact, they typically can do just a few things very well and generate the kinds of rankings they want without taking the same levels of risk of penalty.

Philosophically, SEO is split into three distinct camps. They are considered to be White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat. At TopSpotMalta we help you to be as sparkly clean as possible with our White Hat SEO techniques, but if that still isn't enough, we can help you with a few sprinklings of Grey Hat SEO to enhance your rankings a little. We do not operate at all in the less reputable and shadier techniques that seem to be everywhere in the search industry. For the majority of businesses (especially small and medium sized companies) there ought to be very little reason to engage in any activity that might cause your site harm.

What Is Your Goal?

Companies need to start by really assessing the goals of their website and then focusing as clearly as possible on that. Too many companies try to please many different groups of people (shareholders, directors, designers, the media) and this leads them to ignore the primary constituency: their customers.

Once these goals have been selected and understood, it is important to analyse the types of phrases that potential visitors will be searching the web for. These general topics will help guide the keyword research that follows. By looking for the most relevant (and high traffic) keyword phrases, it is possible to target the ideal clients for a business.

There are many ways to find these ideal clients on the internet and several can often be used at the same time. This process (content creation, social media, search engine optimisation and others) is known as inbound marketing.

The process of optimising your site then involves improving your written content - as mentioned above - making the site more search engine friendly, removing any problem areas and some gentle link building. This combination will generally help keep your website out of trouble and jump a number of places higher.

Presuming these steps go well, your company will be in the great position of having many more visitors to the website. It is at this point that topics like design, user experience and conversion rate optimisation - known as CRO2 - come into play. If we get so many visitors, how come so few call us? These problems need some analysis to understand, but they can be solved. Most analytics packages can help in this regard, but some time looking at - and trying to understand - the numbers will be necessary.

The harsh reality is that most small businesses have very poor websites. That isn't their fault, they typically are not experts in these things and so they have made some mistakes with the SEO basics. We often see this in the Malta SEO results. However, when it comes to improving search engine rankings, this means that a website firstly needs to do the majority of things correctly and then do a few other things very well. By simply putting the right few factors in the right few places, the SEO essentials, results often improve. Then it becomes an ongoing challenge to keep improving, every month, so that the site gets better and better. This process gradually makes it harder and harder for other sites to compete with since the ongoing improvement is exactly what Google is hoping to see.

Not only can we help you with this process, at TopSpotMalta, we can give specific instructions to make this process relatively painless.

Winner Takes Most

Statistics prove that a large percentage of search engine visitors (between 35% and 50% depending upon the type of search query3) click on the number one listing. The numbers then fall away significantly for each lower position. It is also worth noting that only a small proportion of visitors (under 10%) click on the paid advertising (known as Pay Per Click or PPC).

This means that there is a real business advantage to be gained by ranking number one. The sad reality is that ranking on page three may as well be page thirty three for all the visitors a site will receive. In such an environment there are premium rewards for companies that rank highly and have taken the time, effort and resources to compete effectively.

Depending upon the system that your site is built on (WordPress, for example) we have a good knowledge of many pieces of SEO software that can be used to provide a slight edge. There are also a number of SEO tools that can help to find another slight edge. With several hundred known factors in the Google algorithm, it is important to keep working away at areas that can provide these slight edges to improve SEO4 results.

Whilst we would all love for the internet to be static, the reality is that it is evolving at an incredible pace. This means that your website and the skills needed to make it rank highly need to keep improving as well. This is one of the main reasons why most SEO services operate on a monthly basis: the game keeps changing5.

When this potential impact on the bottom line of a business is considered, it becomes a little odd that so many firms try to find an SEO company that offers either very basic or very cheap SEO packages. It would seem more sensible to us (though we are biased) that finding and paying for real talent would be a better long-term business investment.

Since the major updates of Panda and Penguin by Google in 2011 and 2012, many of the old "best practices" are now bordering on spam and can get a website into trouble. Therefore, there is a very real premium to hiring a consultant or company that has had to go through some of these problems. As mentioned above, for most businesses, risk management should be very carefully considered.

One area that does seem to be growing in relevance is social media. While using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to syndicate content can be a very powerful strategy, it typically needs to happen after a strong website is in place and not before. There does seem to be some small impact on rankings from "Likes", "Tweets" and Google "+1's" and this may well be the way forwards in the future.

For now, these social factors do not appear to be a big element of local rankings in Malta, but it is very possible that they will become more relevant to the search engines in time.

If after reading this page you would like to discuss your site and business goals, we will be pleased to. Based in St Julian's, it is easy to meet and chat informally in a cafe in Sliema, San Gwann or St Julian's. Hopefully, it will be possible to understand your situation and aims and start plotting a path forwards. We hope to hear from you soon.

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