Lead Generation

Making a living on the internet can be very complicated. Just being able to rank websites highly is no guarantee of earning a fabulous income. The process of creating, selling and delivering a product or service and testing and optimising the marketing and conversions is very involved. I would go so far as to say that it is almost certainly more complex than almost any other mainstream business model.

This means that SEO or buying traffic with Pay Per Click ads is only ever a part of the game.

However, some businesses already have great products and services and simply struggle to market them effectively or profitably. If this describes your business, please read on…

The Idea In Brief

We will find a way to work together so that I produce the online visitors and leads to your business and you provide the product or service. This is known as lead generation. We will agree a fee per lead and each month you will be invoiced relative to how many leads were provided to you.

Is Your Business Suitable?

For some sophisticated business owners that know their numbers (such as Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value of a client (LTV)) and truly understand their business model, they will know that they can pay a certain amount of money per lead or per transaction and make a profit. Ideally, these business owners will also be in high margin areas.

If you are such a business owner and you know that you can simply spend money to acquire more clients profitably, then this offer may be for you. Effective lead generation will have the power to grow your business substantially.

All this means that your business must be able to convert leads to sales. Your sales process needs to be fairly effective otherwise this will not work for your business.

If your margins are low, this probably won’t work. I am not interested in working with businesses that can only afford to pay 50 cents per lead. I want to work with businesses that can afford to pay a minimum of 50 euros per lead, preferably much more.

What Won’t Work?

Typically business owners want to pay only on results once they have made a sale and banked the money. This is understandable, but it means that my ability to earn is reliant on your ability to sell and you might need 200 leads to make a sale. My role ends when a prospect contacts us, so I believe that I should be paid for that.

Therefore, if you would like to pay only after you have sold something, sorry, but this arrangement is unlikely to work. Unfortunately, there are too many opportunities for sales to not be reported or profits understated etc.

What Is Possible?

Most companies find tech and marketing projects to be very difficult, expensive and time consuming. As vital as these areas are, they become a huge internal distraction. However, for someone like me, I can have a new reasonable looking website online in a few hours. Depending upon the business sector and geographic location you operate in, I might be able to have it ranking in Google in a few months.

If that is possible and if your area is highly profitable, we might be able to rank multiple websites in the top ten for your prime keywords. We can all earn more money and make life tougher for your competitors.

For the company (you?) there is no upfront risk on SEO and your ongoing costs to acquire new leads are likely to be very competitive and probably cheaper than would be the case by using print media or other online methods, such as social media or Pay Per Click.

If you think that this might work for you – and especially if you are based in Malta and are looking for international clients – please email me. Tell me a little about your company, your business model and why this offer should work for your firm. I look forward to hearing from you.

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