Our SEO Fee Scale

We help businesses generate more leads and sales online through increased and sustainable search engine rankings.

At TopSpotMalta we have worked hard over the years to tailor working arrangements with clients that really do offer clarity and value for money for their Malta SEO services.

Like many in the SEO industry, we started with a monthly retainer model but found that this was too wide-ranging. Nobody – neither the client, nor us – really knew what ought to be expected and what the “deliverables” were. It was something of a fudge that was caused by poor strategic thinking. For what it is worth, the entire search engine optimization industry was the same at the time.

No Lock-ins

The contract we arrange can be month to month, meaning no long lock-in periods. All we ask is that should either side wish to end the arrangement, they provide a minimum of one calendar month of notice to the other. As we are sure you realise, this is an ongoing job for commercial websites, as Google makes changes and the online market becomes more competitive.

Focusing On Your Specific Goals

Over time we evolved into a “per keyword per month” model. This has made much more sense and it is clear to everyone involved what we are meant to be delivering on. There is no other company that offers Malta SEO services in this way. This makes it easier for clients to hold us accountable for our work. While many design and web agencies will help you make your website “SEO friendly”1, there is a big difference between that and providing actual results. Companies come to us to deliver those results.

With regards to our charging model, it is hopefully self-explanatory. We will help you to select a number of keywords that you believe will offer the best opportunities for your business. If you are in the auto trade, for example, a phrase might be “car imports malta”. There will be a small number of these that fit the bill.

We will agree a number to be charged “per keyword” based on the competitiveness of the phrase and business sector and that number is multiplied by the number of phrases that you select for your business. If you want us to work on 2 phrases, it will be 2 x the fee. If you want to promote 10 phrases, it will be 10 x the fee. In this way it is a very scalable model. The more ambitious you are, the more we can do together.

Before having a shock at the potential number of keywords out there, I usually recommend that clients
target the most promising 3-6 keywords with their site. There are very real limits to how many phrases
a site can actually rank for if it is relatively small and has relatively few words on it (as many do).
Under such circumstances, 6 is probably the maximum number of keywords we should target with a small site, 2-4 is perhaps more realistic.

Since SEO activities should be ongoing for any business, we charge this amount “per month”. If you want and expect ongoing search engine rankings, as you should, then you should also expect to pay an ongoing fee.

A Partnership

We have found working in Malta to be quite problematic because of the continual late or non-payment of invoices by many businesses.

It might be worth pointing out that SEO results are not permanent (nothing online is) and a good deal of the work we do can be taken down. In other words, non-payment will typically result in a loss of rankings. You will rightly expect high standards from us and we expect prompt payment from you.

Please note: There are so many potential factors that influence search rankings that it is impossible to guarantee number one listings. The strategies I use and the tasks I perform make it likely that number one listings will happen in time, but it can never be guaranteed, nor can it be guaranteed when it will happen or for how long they will last. I focus the majority of my efforts on gaining results using white hat SEO techniques.

I focus on Google SEO because that is where most of the visitors are. There are a number of companies that provide analysis of how much traffic each search engine receives. The general consensus for several years has been that around 90% of all searches in Europe happen through Google. I also won’t be providing fancy monthly reports. I have found that my reports tend to confuse my clients, so I send a simple email that confirms where we are instead.

It is worth noting that ranking highly in Google is no guarantee of improving revenues. Site conversion
is a separate topic that we can explore once your site is generating visitors. I don’t feel it is appropriate for my compensation to be tied to a sales process that I have no control over. I hope you understand.