Performance Based SEO

We make a special offer to small businesses that need SEO in Malta, or elsewhere, are just starting out, are in relatively uncompetitive markets and have no search engine rankings.

Please understand that we cannot make this offer to every company, it simply is not appropriate for everyone, but wherever we can, we will…

Don’t Pay For Reports, Pay For SEO Results

Possibly like you, we aren’t totally sold on the idea of SEO audits. Typically, these reports costs upwards of 1,500 euros – even for small websites – and explain the areas in which your site is ready and other areas that need improvement if you hope to get results.

However, for most small businesses, what do they do with it then? Experience suggests that most small business owners and managers aren’t online marketing experts and so they then need to hand the report over to someone else to implement some of those recommendations. Wouldn’t it be better to just get the results?

We offer a risk free way to improve your online results! Not only is it risk free, but it is incentivised to keep us trying harder for your success. In other words, the closer you get to number 1 in Google, the more we earn.

Our charging schedule is pretty easy to understand:

Ranking in the top 20 = xx euros per selected keyword per month
Ranking in the top 10 = xxx euros per selected keyword per month
Ranking in the top 5 = xxx euros per selected keyword per month
Ranking at number 1 = xxx euros per selected keyword per month

We do not want to put numbers here because some markets online are much more competitive than
others. If we are going to have to work really hard to justify the money, then we expect to charge more!

For most normal websites and sectors, the number 1 number will be in the region of +/- 200 euros per keyword per month. Working on lots of sites over the years suggests that this will be a very good investment for your business. If ranking number 1 in Google isn’t a boost to your business, you might be in the wrong business!

As you can see, the better we perform, the more we earn. Since a high percentage of Google’s visitors click on the number one result1, you should want to pay us more! The more you pay us, the better you should be doing as well. There is no other offer like this in SEO in Malta!

If we work together in this way, there will probably be a few minor changes that your website needs – perhaps technically, but almost certainly relating to the content. We will explain what needs to be done and we will expect you to make the changes in a reasonable period of time.

It is also worth pointing out that we will give you instructions. Many small business owners do not like this. However, your website isn’t ranking for a reason and if you want it to rank highly, we will expect you to follow our instructions. We will help you where possible, but search engine optimization is quite a specific area dominated by complex mathematics and it isn’t possible to negotiate a position with an algorithm. This means that you will just need to make some changes…

Why Make Such An Offer?

The breakthrough in thinking was simply that it would be about the same amount of effort to simply deliver results as it takes to spend meeting after meeting building trust and justifying internet marketing work in advance. Why not just do the work?

We are trying to structure this offer to be more like a partner and less like a service provider. In the short-term, you need to trust us to be able to deliver and unfortunately, trust seems to be something missing from many SEO firms, so we are trying to make this part as easy as possible. Then we have to trust you to pay as agreed. If you don’t, we will simply take much of the work down and your site will lose it’s rankings.

If this SEO service sounds interesting to you, please get in touch. We will explain the ideas in full and how we can work together. If we hit it off, then your website could be ranking higher in a few short weeks…

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