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Do You Need Higher Search Engine Rankings?

If you are running a business and selling anything – yes, pretty much anything – there is a very strong chance that your prospects and customers are conducting some sort of research online before they buy. Many are even carrying out the purchase online.

If you are not there, at or near the top of the search engine rankings, how much of an advantage are you handing to your competition? How much business are they winning? How many leads are they generating?

Only they know the answers to these questions, but as more and more of us buy tablets, smart phones and conduct our lives digitally, it is clear that not having a major online presence is handing an opportunity to those that do.

Presuming that your clients and prospects are looking for information about your sector and type of product or service online, then they are almost certainly doing that in Google, king of the search engines. The harsh reality is that Google has a firm grip on the world of search engines. Their control is not total, but not far off in many countries. Therefore, your company needs to be visible in Google.

How To Rank In Google?

The process is relatively similar for all websites. For some big sites it is more complex or involved, but the process is still quite similar. To outline, the steps are:

1. Research the keywords that people use to look for companies like yours online
2. Improve your website so that it meets the basic standards
3. Create content that targets the best or most appropriate keywords highlighted in step 1
4. Start some careful building of links into your website
5. Look for ways to syndicate your content (without being spammy) by using methods like social media, infographics, video, podcasts, etc
6. Track and monitor progress to see if the actions have had the success you want and make adjustments if necessary
7. Look closely at your site layout and conversion metrics to find ways to improve

While that list looks quite simple, there is a great deal nuance and instinct that goes into it. SEO is part math, part art and part luck (both good and bad).

Google uses a mathematical construct called an algorithm to compare and assess the different pages relating to a specific keyword. Therefore, while most site owners do not need to be very math orientated, it is important to remember that you are publishing according to some best practices and guidelines.

Many of the rules in place are the result of Google trying to stop aggressive website owners from manipulating their results using techniques called spam. As these spammers become more sophisticated, Google changes and tightens it’s rules and publishing online becomes a little bit harder for everyone else.

These changes mean that it is important to keep up to date with what is going on, once you have learned the fundamentals. We find – and you may agree – that running a business is complicated enough so outsourcing this element to people like us is easier. If we already have the know-how, experience and systems in place to make websites rank highly, why try and figure it out for yourself? For most business owners and managers, their time can be better spent on running the business. And let’s be honest, most small business owners tend to struggle to stay awake while search engine optimization is being discussed.

If this description fits your situation, please have a read of the other pages of this site and see whether our performance based SEO service might be for you. If you feel that TopSpotMalta can help you, we will be pleased to have a no obligation chat about your requirements.

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