7 SEO Tips

There is a great deal about confusion relating to just what it takes to rank highly in Google these days. This page offers 7 SEO tips for Google search ranking success, but also, more importantly, a framework that ought to be followed to long-term search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization – otherwise known as SEO – is the process of making a website more prepared and popular with the major search engines so that they will display it highly in their results pages when users submit queries.

When we write “major search engines”, let’s not kid ourselves, Google is the number 1 player in this market in most countries. In fact, they have over 90% market share in many European nations. While there are other very large firms in this market – such as Yahoo! and Bing – they are nowhere near as important for our needs as Google is.

It is also worth noting that so much of the industry is information behind closed doors and non-disclosure agreements, that there are a great many different SEO definitions. Your author knows of four different people that each use their own SEO techniques in different markets and have good success with them. In theory, such a range of approaches should not work,